55+ Free Online Earth Science Courses

Antarctica: From Geology To Human History

A 5 week exploration of the geology, geography and modern scientific exploration of Antarctica.

Applications Of Continuum Mechanics To Earth, Atmospheric, And Planetary Sciences

An undergraduate course on the applications of fluid/solid mechanics, force balancing, strains and stresses and deformation in the Earth sciences.

Basin Analysis

Narrated lecture of the Basin Analysis – Structural style, seismic expression and petroleum systems module of the MSc Petroleum Geoscience course at Imperial.

Climate Change And The Cryosphere

Full online course titles “On Thin Ice” by Julie Ferguson on climate change the cryosphere.

Climate Change: Carbon Capture And Storage

A 5 week introduction to carbon capture and storage (CCS) processes, technologies and challenges.

Computers In Earth And Space Exploration

Video narrated course on computers in Earth and space exploration.

Dino 101: Dinosaur Paleobiology

A 12 lesson course on non-avian dinosaurs and their behavior, locomotion, growth, adaptions and extinction.

Dinosaur Ecosystems

A 6 week course on dinosaur biology, paleoecology, late Cretaceous dinosaur ecosystems and more.

Dinosaurios De La Patagonia

A 4 week class in Spanish on dinosaurs in Patagonia and the paleogeography of Patagonia from the Triassic to the Cretaceous.

Earthquake Seismology

A 12 week course on seismic waves, from their propagation, formation, interpretation and also basic real-time seismology.


An 8 hour course on the reasons behind earthquakes, why they occur where they occur, and how to appreciate the energy behind earthquakes.

Electron Microprobe Analysis

An undergraduate introduction to electron microprobe analysis.

Essentials Of Geophysics

An (under)graduate course on geodesy, geodynamics, geomagmatism and seismology.

Extinctions: Past, Present, & Future

An introductory course on the five major mass extinctions of the pre-human past and the current ongoing mass extinction, and their effects on the world.

Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) For Geodesy

A short course from the Geodetic Facility for the Advancement of Geosciences on generic mapping tools (GMT) for geodesy.


An undergraduate course that introduces the chemical and physical processes that led to life on Earth.


A graduate-level course on the mechanics of deformation and rheology.

Geological Processes In The British Isles

A 9 hour course on the geology of the British Isles and how to identify the common rocks from the area.

Geoscience: The Earth And Its Resources

A 6 week introductory course on plate tectonics, sedimentation, hydrocarbon geology andgeothermal energy.

Global Warming Science

An undergraduate introduction to the foundations of the theory of anthropogenic climate change, green house gases, evidence for past and present climate change and more.

InSAR Processing And Theory With GMTSAR

A short course from the Geodetic Facility for the Advancement of Geosciences on interferometric synthetic-aperture radar theory and processing with GMTSAR.

InSAR Theory And Processing

A short course from the Geodetic Facility for the Advancement of Geosciences on interferometric synthetic-aperture radar theory.

Introduction To Deep Earth Science

This self-study, 5 week course will teach you about the chemical compositions of the Earth, plate tectonics theory and how the internal temperature is estimated.

Introduction To Geology

An undergraduate course on all the core elements of the Earth sciences.

Introduction To Seismology

A graduate-level course on the basics of seismology and the analysis of seismic wave propagation.

Introduction To Water And Climate

A 10 week course, where you will learn the different processes of the global water cycle, when engineering interventions are needed and the importance of water of worldwide food production.

An Introduction to Minerals and Rocks under the Microscope

Learn how geoscientists identify rocks and minerals, and their stories using microscopes and thin sections.

Life In The Palaeozoic

A 12 hour course on the evolution of life during the Palaeozoic and how to identify common animals of the era.

An introduction to geology

A 12 hour introductory course to geology.

Medical Geology/Geochemistry: An Exposure

An undergraduate course on the interaction between elements and isotopes, and the medical sciences.

Minerals And The Crystalline State

A 10 hour course that will teach you about stability fields and phase diagrams, difference between different chemical bonds and much more.

MIT Geoscience Courses

A large list of courses and assignments on geology from the department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences. Note that not all these courses feature full lecture notes.

Molecular Biogeochemistry

An (under)graduate course on biosynthesis, molecular biosignatures, chemical fossils and diagenetic pathways.

Monitoring Volcanoes And Magma Movements

This 8 week course will introduce you to volcanic monitoring, explain by University of Iceland.

Mountain Building In Scotland

A 30 hour course on the geology of the Scottish highlands and how to identify the common rocks from the area.

Natural Disasters

An 11 week course on our relationship with natural disasters, how we can predict them and we can or cannot control them.

Natural Resources For Sustainable Development

A 12 week course on how countries can sustainably develop resources, policies required for sustainable management and how policy makers can communicate with the public regarding sustainability.

Oil & Gas Industry Operations And Markets

Learn about oil and gas operations and technology and their relationship to the oil and gas markets.

Origins - Formation Of The Universe, Solar System, Earth And Life

A course on the evolution of life from the Big Bang to now.

Our Earth: Its Climate, History, And Processes

Learn how air, water, land and life have shaped the world over the last 4.5 billion years.


A graduate-level course on the examination of past changes in marine, ice-core and continental paleoceanographic records.

Paleontology: Ancient Marine Reptiles

A short course on the evolution of marine reptiles and their diversity, adaptations and relationships with other animals.

Paleontology: Early Vertebrate Evolution

A short course on the evolution and origin of vertebrate components i.e. fins, jaws and limbs.

Paleontology: Therapod Dinosaurs And The Origin Of Birds

A short course on the origin, anatomy, diversity and evolution of dinosaurs in relation to birds.

Physics And Chemistry Of The Terrestrial Planets

An undergraduate course on the structure, composition and physical processes of planets.

Plate Tectonics

A 15 hour course on the theory of tectonic plates, differences in plate boundaries, plate motion and the driving forces of plate movement.

Practicing Science: Reading The Rocks And Ecology

A 14 hour course that will teach you the difference between a rock and mineral, the different types of rocks and how to identify a rock in the field.

Principles Of The Global Positioning System

A graduate-level course on the introduction of GPS and its applications in the Earth sciences.

Processes In Structural Geology And Tectonics

Online course on structural geology and tectonics that is freely available during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Interactive course on developing a seismograph and understanding seismology.

Reservoir Geomechanics

A course for academic and professional geologists on rock mechanics, seismology, petroleum engineering and how to solve many geomechanical problems.

Sedimentary Geology

An undergraduate course on the textures, mechanisms, classification and of sedimentary rocks.

Short Geology Courses

Quick (15 – 30 min) intros to geological courses from the Open University.

Super-Earths And Life

A 15 week course that will show you how life developed on Earth, how it could develop somewhere else and how we could find that planet.

Surface Processes And Landscape Evolution

An (under)graduate course on quantitative analysis of geomorphic processes on Earth.

The Atmosphere, The Ocean, And Environmental Change

A course on the physical processes that control the atmosphere, ocean and climate as well as the mass and energy budgets of the Earth.

The Climate-Energy Challenge

A 9 week course that will teach you how CO2 levels are measured, how climate models are created and the basis for climate change predictions.

The Dynamic Earth: A Course For Educators

An introductory course on radiometric dating, geology and geological time scales.

Trace Element Analysis Of Geological, Biological & Environmental Materials By Neutron Activation Analysis: An Exposure

An (under)graduate course on neutron activated analysis used for trace element analyses in the Earth sciences.

Trace-Element Geochemistry

A graduate-level course on the origin, evolution and trace-element partitioning of igneous rocks.

Volcanic Hazards

A 10 hour course that discusses the many hazards of volcanic events and how to mitigate their risk.