9 Awesome Geoscience Lecture Collections

ASLO Aquatic Sciences Lectures

19 lectures on aqueous sciences, from limnology, oceanography, ecology and radioactivity.

City College Of San Francisco Earth Science Lectures

Introductory video lectures on geology and oceanography.

Darcy Lecture Series In Groundwater Science

Video taped lectures on groundwater science given by Darcy Award lectures.

HUGG Geodynamics Lectures

A YouTube playlist of 12 lectures on geodynamics by the Helsinki University Geodynamics Group.

Limnology Lectures

Video taped lectures on limnology by James Elser of Arizona State University.

Physics Of Geological Processes

A playlist of dozens of lectures on tectonophysics and tectonics such as large amplitude folding, orogenic collapse and melt transport in the mantle.

SEPM Strata Lectures

Lectures on sequence stratigraphy and chemostratigraphy.

TEDEd Lectures On Earth Sciences

Various TEDEd talks on sustainability, earth sciences and environmental science.

USGS Lecture Series

An entire catalog of recorded USGS lectures on earthquakes, marine science and more.