27 Terrific Live, Active and Archived Geoscience Webinars

This list of webinars is divided into live, active and archived webinars.

Live webinars are geoscience talk series, which are currently active and occur in real-time using programs like Zoom. Imagine listening to a seminar at a university where you can ask questions.

Active webinars are geoscience webinars that are being regularly produced and can be watched after their posted, like YouTube videos.

Archived webinars are geoscience webinars that are no longer being regularly produced but are still a great source of information.

Live Webinars

Economic Geology

Ore Deposits Hub

Ore Deposits Hub began in March 2020 to connect economic and ore deposit geologists from academia and industry across the world. They run presentations every Wednesday with a full schedule for 2020 and thousands of members!

Registration is required to view or present and can be done by clicking the icon on the right.

INEX-DRC Webinars

The Initiative pour l'Exploration Géologique du Congo (INEX-DRC) hosts regular french-language webinars on African economic geology from academics and exploration geology project.

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SEG Webinar Series

The Society for Economic Geologists hosts webinars for professionals working in the field of economic geology. Focus is placed on career development, training and scientific discoveries.

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Zoom With MDRU

Join the geological zoom sessions of the Mineral Deposit Research Unit of UBC held every three weeks.

Registration is required by contacting Jeanne Liu at [email protected]

Geological Outreach and Career Development

Ask A Geologist

The Rutgers geology museum is hosting a weekly webinar series titled “Ask a Geologist” where you can learn about general geological topics from plate tectonics to rock chemistry.

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GSA Career Development Webinar Series

This webinar series is devoted to sharing resources to graduate students and others interested in developing a career in the geosciences. They host geoscientists from different fields from the petroleum industry, to forestry to geothermal energy.

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Landscapes Live

A weekly seminar series, each Thursday, on geomorphology from across the Earth.

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Geophysics and Tectonic Geology

Australian Society Of Exploration Geophysicists Webinars

Technical talks and webinars on the application of geophysics; hosted by ASEG.

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DeTect Talk Series

The DeTect Talk Series is a weekly gathering of the international scientific community interested in various aspects of crustal deformation.

Modelling Collaboratory For Subduction

The subduction zones through space and time steering committee runs a series of webinars on successful interdisciplinary collaborations as “fireside chats”.

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Supercontinents & Geodynamics Talk Series

A virtual seminar series hosted from Curtin University on the evolutionary history of supercontinents and their related geodynamic processes.

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Marine Geology

UCC Marine Geology Research Group Webinars

Weekly talks on marine geology, ice ages, deep sea corals and fossil plankton.

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Seds Online

Seds online is affiliated to the International Association of Scientologist (IAS) and hosts a number of webinars on sedimentary geology, publishing and also virtual coffee breaks!

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Sustainability and Hydrology

CZO Webinar Series

This series explores topics related to hydrology, sustainability and geology based on research from the critical zone observatories (CZO).

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Sustainable Minerals Institute Webinars

Online webinars from the University of Queensland on sustainability in geology, mining and metallurgy. Topics range from the potential of biotechnological processes in the mining industry to research on mine dust lung diseases.

Past webinars are archived and can be viewed on the webpage.

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Active Webinars

CIG Geodynamics

A YouTube channel with webinars relating to open-source software for computational geodynamics.


An active YouTube playlist by the University of Oslo Department of Geosciences featuring presentation in Norwegian and English webinars relating to geology.

MDRU Rock Talk Rocks

Rock talk rocks is a collection of short YouTube videos by the mineral deposit research unit (MDRU).

Volcano Moments With Dr. Janine Krippner

Short, fun and educational interviews and explanations of volcanic processes with fellow volcanologists and geoscientists.

Archived Webinars

AGU Career Development Playlist

A YouTube playlist of over 70 of AGU’s webinars on developing your career in the geosciences

ASEG Recorded Talks

Archived videos of technical talks and webinars hosted by the ASEG.

Geodynamics Seminars Playlist

A playlist, assembled by Pons Michaël, of 35 seminars on Youtube on topics like geodynamics, seismic tomography, growth of the Himalaya plateau and Arthur Holmes Medal lectures.

Geology And Geochemistry Playlist

A YouTube playlist, assembled by Natasha Barrett, of over 260 seminars on a multitude of geologic topics

IRIS Earthquake Science

A YouTube playlist of over 165 webinars relating to seismology and earthquakes.

Mantle Plumes Seminar and Resource Repository

A collection of multidisciplinary geophysics, geochemistry and modelling seminars presented for Colgate University by leading mantle plume researchers.

SEG Webinars

Four webinars on starting a career in economic geology , essential skills, implementing a soil survey program and drilling techniques.

USGS Public Lecture Series Playlist

A YouTube playlist of over 50 public lectures by the USGS.