15 Useful Geological Teaching Resources

Dinosaur Footprint Reservation

A dinosaur tracks map, and poster showing how the tracks were mapped.

Earth Learning Idea

Massive list of teaching resources for the earth sciences.

Earth Science Education Unit

Teacher and teacher trainee resources to teach earth science education.

Earth Science Women's Network

Large list of teaching resources for Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Earth Scope Teaching Resources

Educational animations, lectures and other resources for Earth Science education.


Geological outreach and education project across the UK.

Geological Society Resources

Geological teaching resources and exercises for K-12 from the geological society.

InTeGrate Carbon Cycle Course

A teaching module on understanding climate change in terms of Earth systems science.

Interactive Geology Project

3D virtual animations of the prehistoric landscapes and animals.

IRIS Resources

Educational resources for seismology including lectures, exercises and other resources.

NCSE Climate Models

Resources for teaching climate models, science and misconceptions on climate models at school.

North Sea Core

Drill core available for educational purposes from the North Sea.

Stromboli Online

Teaching resources on volcanoes and volcanic events

Time Scavengers Introduction To Science

A general introduction to science, geology, and geological time.

University Of Leeds Structural Geology Resources

Teaching resources on structural geology by the University of Leeds.