16 Clear Geologic Podcasts

Borealis Meditation Podcast

A geology podcast for nature lovers and tree huggers of all spiritual paths by geologist Kathleen. Learn about your environment and this amazing planet we are fortunate enough to call home!

Discovery To Recovery Podcast

A weekly podcast combing technology, society and geology in the context of ore deposits. Sponsored by the SEG and Seequent.

Don't Panic Geocast

John Leeman and Shannon Dulin discuss geoscience and technology weekly for your enjoyment! Features include guests, fun paper Friday selections, product reviews, and banter about recent developments.

Eyes On Earth

A podcasts on Earth observation, land change, remote sensing and science hosted by the USGS EROS Center.

Fresh Thinking

Optiro’s aim is to offer interesting technical talks and key information with a fresh take on the world of geology and mining.

Geology Bites

Conversations about geology with researchers making key contributions to our understanding of the Earth.

Geology Vlog Podcast

A series of interviews of people related to geology, including the oil and gas industry, mining and minerals, environmental consulting, and academia.

History Of The Earth

No longer active, but it has nearly 400 episodes to listen. We’ve concentrated the history of Planet Earth into one year. Follow the geology podcasts chronologically from the origin of the Earth to the origin of Mankind.